Say Kimchiii!

Everybody loves pictures, and here at the KASY website we’ve got hundreds and hundreds of them. Browse through our extensive photo gallery, which has pictures of KASY events from the past several years, and be prepared for a trip down memory lane (or a trip down “why-are-the-upper-classmen-so-weird?” lane). Laugh, cry, cover your face in shame - it’s what these pictures were taken for. Knock yourself out.

If you can’t find pictures from a certain event, it’s most likely that I (the webmaster) don’t have possession of them. In fact, the previous webmaster shamelessly stole without prior consent many of the pictures from his KASY Dad’s xanga. I, on the other hand, may forget to bring my camera to an event. So the moral of the story is: please share pictures! Send them to and they will be promptly posted online.